Rose Nolan Memorial Scholarship Recipients

Rose Nolan Memorial Scholarship Recipients
Posted on 07/30/2021
We would like to congratulate the following Iohahi:io students who received the Rose Nolan Scholarship:
Margaret Arquette | Early Childhood Education
"I would like to take this opportunity for not only for giving me this grant, but to also thank you for your consideration as well. This really means a lot to me especially during this hard time we all are having with the pandemic.
I am currently enrolled through St. Lawrence College taking Early Childhood Education. We just got through our first year and will be graduating in May 2022.
After I get my diploma, I will be looking forward to getting hired full time in the field. I have a strong desire to being an assistance to watching and helping young children grow and learn. I do not currently have any children of my own, so I am devoting all my time into college and afterwards full-time work.
These extra funds will alllow me mode of transportation not only to school, but work or any training as well. I'd like to thank you once again, and in my case, this will secure any and all transportation issues I was having for the upcoming semester."
Joelle Porter Joelle Porter | Early Childhood Education
"I just wanted to express my gratitude on how grateful I am to have been chosen to receive the support of the Rose Nolan Scholarship.
I am currently enrolled in the 2020-2021 school year for Early Childhood Education Course at Iohahi:io's Post-Secondary School on my reservation, Akwesasne. I'm overjoyed and excited to show my accomplishments in the next coming years. The support is gonna help me greatly. It will help me accomplish my goals and dreams and help make everything a littles less stressful on me and my family.

Nia:wen (Thank You)"

Alicia Thompson Alicia Thompson | Early Childhood Education

The Rose Nolan Memorial Scholarship Fund was established by the Ted Nolan Foundation in 2004. The Fund aims to assist First Nations women in achieving their educational and training goals, while maintaining strong community involvement. The Rose Nolan Scholarship supports students who are female First Nations students from Ontario who are enrolled at one of the Indigenous Institutes Consortium member post-secondary institutions.
Deadline to apply is August 1, 2021. Click the link below to apply.