Introduction to Kanien'keha Class

Introduction to Kanien'keha Class Comes to an End
Posted on 04/23/2019
Intro to Kanien'keha

Introduction to Kanien’keha, a course offered through Iohahi:io, came to an end this past week.  The twice weekly classes began back in Tsiothohrko:wa/January.  The class was offered under the umbrella of Iohahi:io’s Literacy Program which is supported by Employment Ontario. For this series of classes, the Ontario Native Literacy Coalition also provided additional funding. The class was open to all AMBE and MCA staff.  Instructor Crystal Bay had twelve students finish the class.  The students are hopeful for a second class that would build upon the basics they have learned.

To celebrate the end of the class Instructor Bay and her students visited Tim Horton’s at the Bear’s Den Western Door location. The students had been instructed to order in Kanien’keha.  Bay had arranged the visit with Tim Horton’s beforehand  so community members  and Tim Horton’s Crew Members Jaime Garrow and Amanda Jock patiently took each student’s order. 
- Submitted by: Cathy Salmon, Photo credit: Crystal Bay