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Iohahi:io, meaning the good road, is an Educational and Training Institute, member of the Indigenous Institutes Consortium of Ontario.  Akwesasne is one of only eight First Nation communities (Six Nations have 2 Indigenous Institutes) across Ontario with its own higher education facility to serve its people.  Iohahi:io partners with post-secondary educational institutes to offer certificate, diploma and degree programs and training opportunities that strengthen our people and our community.

Iohahi:io is known for its emphasis on student success and providing supports, which are based on developing respectful and caring relationships with each student, and are focused on helping students to identify and overcome their barriers to success. 

Iohahi:io's learning community is rooted in its Haudenosaunee values, traditions and culture, which are integrated into the design and delivery of program curriculum and student supports.

As you ponder your developmental journey, I hope you consider Iohahi:io as part of the stepping stone to attain your personal, educational and professional goals and aspirations.

Skennen/In Peace,

Norma Sunday, AMBE, Associate Director for Post-Secondary & Continuing Education

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