The Great Law Presentation

Posted on 09/28/2020
Aronhiaies Herne
On September 17th, Iohahi:io welcomed guest speaker, Aronhiaies Herne, to do a presentation on Kaianer'ko:wa Great Law of Peace to the Communications class for the Pathways to Indigenous Empowerment Program.

The Great Law of Peace is the constitution of the Haudenosaunee which sets out the structure and function of our traditional government. The Great Law is a message of peace, power, and righteousness between the Haudenosaunee. Under the Great Law of Peace, we are united by a common goal to live in harmony. Mr. Herne will be doing a series to promote tradition learning and engage discussions.

From all of us at Iohahi:io and the Pathways to Indigenous Empowerment Program we say nia:wenko:wa to Aronhiaies Herne for his amazing presentation!

Story/Photo Cred: Amanda Cook