Open House & Unveiling

Iohahi:io Open House & Unveiling
Posted on 05/23/2019

On Wednesday, Onerahtohko:wa/May 22, 2019 Iohahi:io staff invited their partners to a sign unveiling announcing a new name for Iohahi:io. The center will now be known as the Iohahi:io Akwesasne Education & Training Institute.

Iohahi:io’s name: “ Akwesasne Adult Education Center” was first written in the Planning & Feasibility study completed back in 1994. According the the Executive Summary of the study its “target market for training services was adult residents in Akwesasne who include but not limit: Female heads of household; Older workers over age 45; Workers with low educational levels; and Workers laid off from long-term jobs.” The facility opened its doors in 1996.

Today, Iohahi:io belongs to the Indigenous Institutes of Ontario (IIC). The IIC is comprised of 8 out of 9 Indigenous Institutes in Ontario recognized by the Ontario provincial government. Iohahi:io along with the other Indigenous Institutes are funded by the Canadian Government and the province of Ontario through grants. Iohahi:io receives the bulk of its funding from Ontario’s Indigenous Institute Operating Grant. In December 2017, the Ontario provincial government passed a bill recognizing the Indigenous Institutes as a “Third Pillar” for education in Ontario. That bill raised the Indigenous Institutes equal to the level of Colleges and Universities in Ontario. Iohahi:io now has the opportunity to become a recognized independent college after a review through Indigenous Advanced Education Skills Council (IAESC), a quality assurance arm created by the Ministry of Ontario.

In Ennisko:wa/March 2019, the Ahkwesahsne Mohawk Board of Education Board of Trustees voted to rename Iohahi:io to better reflect the direction Iohahi:io is currently moving towards.

The Iohahi:io Akwesasne Education & Training Center hosted an Open House after the sign unveiling to celebrate its renaming.  It was an opportunity for the community to tour the campus, speak with representatives from our partner colleges, Iohahi:io staff and local agencies. There were some local business vendors on site selling their merchandise. Visitors were entered for a chance to win a kayak and $200 Home Depot gift card. NIA:WEN to our partners and community members who took time out of their day to attend our event!

Elizabeth Perkins / Kayak
Hilary LaFrance / $200 Home Depot Gift Card